If you have any other questions here that haven’t been answered, please contact us via your preferred method on our contact page.

Are you available for custom show commissions?
While we do offer custom music design, we also maintain a full client roster year-round. If you are interested in commissioning an original show, contact us as early as possible to get information on availability, production timelines, and pricing.
What is your regional protection policy?
Our circuit/site-based protection is circuit and event-based, meaning no two units in the same circuit or competing at the same regional events (WGI, Bands of America, USBands, UIL, etc.) can lease the same show, regardless of class.

Important: When reserving a show, it is extremely important that clients report their planned competition schedules as accurately as possible. Even if plans have possibly not been finalized for non-circuit, regional events, the possibility of attendance needs to be reported. We are not responsible if two ensembles perform the same production at the same contest as a result of inaccurate schedule reporting.

Do you provide notation files (Sibelius and Music XML for Finale) with your shows?
Yes! As one of the first companies to offer this service, the notation files come standard as part every show. We understand the need to modify and tweak shows to best fit your specific ensemble. We simply ask that they are used only by the staff of the leasing ensemble.
Do you offer edits to your shows?
Yes! Please contact us for more information regarding fees, turnaround time, and what you can expect. As mentioned above, we also include the notation files for all of our productions, including both marching band and indoor percussion shows.
How do I reserve a show for my ensemble?
Go to the Contact page and fill out the information about your group and the show you are interested in, and we can let you know if it is available. We lease our shows on a site-based exclusivity basis, so you’ll need to check to make sure it’s available to your ensemble.
How long will you hold a show for me after I make an inquiry?
We understand that it takes some time to decide what your show will be for an upcoming season. To make sure that there is enough time for you to inquire and consider your options, we will hold shows for two weeks from the first date of contact. If another unit with a conflicting competition schedule contacts us within that period, we will inform them that you are still making a decision. However, after that hold period, we will attempt to contact you and allow 24-48 hours for you to respond (or until the next non-holiday weekday, if requested on a weekend). If we do not hear from you within that period, the show will be released to the next inquiring ensemble.
Could you send me a perusal score for one of your shows?
To protect our work, we generally do not send out perusal scores. However, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, regarding the technical aspects of our shows.
Can I get a refund for my show?
Once a show has been reserved by an ensemble, we won’t sell it to other groups in the same circuit/WGI events, as per our regional exclusivity. By committing to and paying for a show, an ensemble has effectively taken it off the market for their submitted schedule for that competitive season. As such, it would not be fair to us or other groups who inquired after the show was purchased for us to provide a refund.
How long am I leasing the show from Visaudio?
Our shows are leased (not purchased, as Visaudio retains ownership) for the duration of one competitive season. If an ensemble leases a show for a season, but decides not to compete that season, you would need to pruchase an additional license for future seasons. The reasoning is very similar to why we do not offer refunds. The show was taken off the market, preventing other units from using it, so a leased but unused show is treated the same as a leased and used how.
How do I get permission for the shows with copyright restrictions?
You have a few options: You can go through a company like Tresona (http://www.tresonamusic.com) and handle it through their web-based system, or contacting the publishers directly if they are not exclusively administered by Tresona. Getting these permissions are required before shows with those restrictions will be leased, so it would be wise to get started with that as soon as we confirm that a show is available to your ensemble.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept band booster and school checks, purchases orders, e-Check, and credit cards.
Do you offer drill?
While we don’t have pre-made drill packages, we have a hand-full of talented visual designers with whom we could connect you to satisfy your visual design needs.
How do I play the sound effects and samples in your shows?
We actually have an article about just that topic coming very soon, addressing the pros and cons of the different methods. In short, the most common method is by using the Roland SP-404SX, a computer with sampler software like Kontakt or MainStage, or an iPad app like BeatMaker2 or Akai iMPC.
Can we have access to multiple classes of the same indoor percussion show?
Yes. We understand that from top to bottom a group can have a wide array of personnel on the talent spectrum, and from section to section. For that reason, we would be happy to give you access to multiple levels of the same indoor percussion show.
How are show materials delivered?
Once a production has been paid for, all materials are made available through an account we create for you on our website.
Can I lease a portion of a show?
Our productions are designed with fluidity and continuity in mind, so we generally do no sell individual portions or sections of our shows.

Choose a Show

A Class Playlist Indoor A NEW!
Open Class Playlist Indoor Open NEW!
World Class Playlist Indoor World NEW!
2024 Indoor Shows Indoor NEW!
ALiKE Indoor World
And The Tree Was Happy Indoor A
The Arbor Effect Indoor A Open
Around the World Marching Band
The Art of Illusion Indoor
Balance Indoor A World
The Beast In The Beauty Indoor A Open World
Below Zero Indoor A Open
Bent Indoor A
Blue Voices Marching Band
The Box Indoor A Open
Bring The Heat Indoor A Open
Built For Them Indoor A NEW!
The Cosmos Concert Indoor
Crazy Indoor Open World
Dark and Twisted Indoor Open World
Deep Blue Indoor Open
The Descent Indoor A Open
The Devil Came Back Indoor Open
Ding Indoor A Open
The Drought Indoor A Open
Dying To Live Indoor A
En Route Indoor A
Evolution Marching Band
Flow Indoor Open World
Focal Point Indoor A Open
Follow Indoor A
From Darkness Concert Indoor
Garden of Enlightenment Indoor A NEW!
Geisha Indoor World
Heart Indoor Open World
Hero Indoor A Open World
The Human Element Indoor A Open World
I Can't Change Indoor A Open
Immortal Indoor A World
The Immortal Light Indoor Open NEW!
In The Dark Indoor A Open
In The Name Of... Indoor Open World NEW!
Industrial Revolution Marching Band
Into The Deep Indoor A Open World
The Inventor's Apprentice Indoor A Open World
Invictus: A War Within Indoor A Open
Last Indoor Open
The Last Goodbye Indoor A Open World
A Leap of Faith Indoor A
Lucifer Indoor A Open World
Mended Indoor A Open
My New Obsession Indoor A Open World
Native Echoes Indoor Open
The Native Path Indoor A Open
Nevermore Indoor A Open World
Ninja Indoor Open
Of The Abyss Indoor Open NEW!
Rain Forest Marching Band
Rain Forest Indoor Open
Redwoods & Daisies Indoor A
Repeat Indoor A Open
Salvation Lies Within Indoor Open World
Scitys Marching Band
Set In Stone Indoor A Open
Siren's Fury Marching Band NEW!
Spark Indoor A Open World
Spiritus Ipsum Indoor A Open
Strictly Business Indoor Open
Symphonic Dreams Marching Band
Thirst Concert Indoor
Though I Walk Indoor Open NEW!
Together Marching Band
Together Indoor A
Toxic-City Indoor A Open
Traveler In The Dark Indoor A NEW!
Un Indoor A
The Vessel Indoor World
Waiting... Indoor A Open World
War and Peace Marching Band
The Wharf Indoor A Open
What If? Marching Band
What If? Indoor Open
Word Indoor A Open World
World Fusion Concert Indoor
X Marks The Spot Indoor A Open