Writing Split Snare Parts in Sibelius

Here’s a basic summary of the steps demonstrated in this tutorial: Add some extra staves below the desired staff (i.e., two extra staves beneath the snareline staff). Open the mixer and pan one of your secondary staves to the left, and the other to the right (more info on the value of panning). Enter the desired split parts into those extra staves. Triple-click the first extra staff, then shift-click on…

Marching Band Copyright Licensing

So it’s marching band design season, and you’e got  a bunch of pieces you’d like to use in your next Fall show.  However, they are all in a foreign language, you have no idea who the publisher is, and you have no idea where to begin going about acquiring the necessary rights to arrange – enter, Rawlins Law Firm.  Keith Rawlins, Esq. is your one stop shop for music licensing, for…

Three Levels of Listening

Every music educator has a drum that they beat day in and day out. Not the literal drum, as many of us are simply not gifted in the percussive arts. (If you’re like me, hopefully you’ve avoided having your inadequacies caught on tape – pray you keep it that way). The ceaseless campaigning I am talking about boils down to our central mission as a teacher – the undercurrent that…

Technology + Student + You = Win

Technology is here to stay. It is not going to go away, nor is it going to become less complex or invasive in the near future. Our students are going to continue to text just like past generations passed notes. They will continue to populate places like Facebook and Twitter like previous generations populated the shopping malls and drive-ins of the past. Instead of lamenting that change in our students, why not use their interests…

Design: More Than Notes and Dots

Welcome to late December. Throughout most of the United States, competitive marching band is done or is winding down. Football is entering the middle stages of play-offs, and many a sousaphone are shuttling off for a good post-season cleaning. It’s time to begin designing next fall’s marching band show – a task that elicits every manner of reaction from directors across the spectrum. One of the things that has always…

Next Year’s Freshmen

The scariest moment for any director is the day the class requests for the following year arrive. It’s a make-or-break moment, when you see how many new performers will be matriculating up to replace the seasoned veterans that are on their way out. It is the hope of any director that the latter number is considerably larger than the former, but that also means a larger class to bring up…

Consistency in Education

Children are impatient. Spend a day around a five-year-old who has accumulated the knowledge to know how some life-mechanism works but still lacks the focus to see it through, and you will see a small-scale version of the workings of an average teenage mind. Much like the annoying boss in every work-place comedy, they want results and they want them now. It is our duty as teachers to see these…

Choosing Concert Band Music

The months of November and December are two of my absolute favorites as a band director. Aside from the obvious excitement of finishing out marching band and football, there’s the added benefit of selecting concert music for the Spring semester thrown in. In Texas, our Spring semester selections come from a list, and are graduated according to grade level. We do have the ability to add pieces that we find…

How to Line a Football Field

While some programs are fortunate enough to not have to worry about painting their rehearsal fields, some schools must rely on grass and paint to have a field for marching band rehearsals. While there are plenty of ways to line fields, this way provides an accurate, and relatively inexpensive alternative to purchasing a “field lining kit” which will normally cost anywhere from $350 to $500. All this takes is a…

Collaborating with Google Docs

When designing a production for any of the marching arts, such as band, winter percussion, or winter guard, it is generally a good idea to write notes describing the show concept and the progression that the show is to take from beginning to end. With the creation of Google Docs, the tasks of sending out a slew of e-mails and managing multiple versions between designers can be put aside.  Google…
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ALiKE Indoor Percussion
The Arbor Effect Indoor Percussion
Around the World Marching Band
The Art of Illusion Indoor Percussion
Balance Indoor Percussion Updated!
Below Zero Indoor Percussion
Bent Indoor Percussion
Blue Voices Marching Band
The Box Indoor Percussion
Bring The Heat Indoor Percussion
The Cosmos Concert Indoor
Crazy Indoor Percussion
Dark and Twisted Indoor Percussion
Deep Blue Indoor Percussion
The Descent Indoor Percussion
The Devil Came Back Indoor Percussion
Ding Indoor Percussion
The Drought Indoor Percussion
En Route Indoor Percussion
Evolution Marching Band
Flow Indoor Percussion
Focal Point Indoor Percussion
Follow Indoor Percussion
From Darkness Concert Indoor
Geisha Indoor Percussion
The Harvest Indoor Percussion
Heart Indoor Percussion
Hero Indoor Percussion
The Human Element Indoor Percussion
I Can't Change Indoor Percussion
Immortal Indoor Percussion
In The Dark Indoor Percussion
Industrial Revolution Marching Band
Into The Deep Indoor Percussion
Last Indoor Percussion
The Last Goodbye Indoor Percussion
A Leap of Faith Indoor Percussion
Lucifer Indoor Percussion
Native Echoes Indoor Percussion
The Native Path Indoor Percussion
Ninja Indoor Percussion
Rain Forest Marching Band
Rain Forest Indoor Percussion
Repeat Indoor Percussion
Scitys Marching Band
Spark Indoor Percussion
Spiritus Ipsum Indoor Percussion
Strictly Business Indoor Percussion
Symphonic Dreams Marching Band
Thirst Concert Indoor
Together Marching Band
Together Indoor Percussion
Toxic-City Indoor Percussion
Un Indoor Percussion
Waiting... Indoor Percussion
War and Peace Marching Band
The Wharf Indoor Percussion
What If? Marching Band
What If? Indoor Percussion
Word Indoor Percussion
World Fusion Concert Indoor